Wedding Party

Learn a little bit more about our who's who in our Wedding Party!

Maid of Honor: Lauren Timkovich

Lauren and Courtney were paired randomly as roommates in college...and became roommates again due to overpriced real estate in Denver. They've stayed friends for almost 20 years, survived two separations, and are the only people who can be brutally honestly about each other's outfits.

Bridesmaid: Natasha Gleichmann

Known by Courtney’s mom as “the girl from the romantic pictures” with her daughter on Facebook, Natasha and Courtney have a very unique friendship. From their first romantic date at Kona Grill, to their failed creative works “Bucket of Liquid” and “Butterflies of November,” to their unsettling obsession with true crime, no one ever really knows what they’re talking about. But Sean tries, and Natasha appreciates that. Or he ignores them, which is also okay.

Best Man: Anthony DiLello

Sean and Tony met way back in elementary school. Tony is Sean's main "rival", but not in a mean way- these two just enjoy constantly taking different sides, making bets, and talking trash to each other. Despite this, the two have always had each other's backs. Tony's main passions are horse racing and sports, hockey in particular, where he has starred as the goalie for many successful teams, but sadly roots for the NY Rangers.

Groomsman: Joseph Tarascio

Sean and Joe have known each other since they lived on the same floor at WVU. After graduating they then both found themselves in Colorado a few years later. There they continued to share obscure movie quotes, fun adventures, trips, and fighting off over-zealous groupies at karaoke nights. Despite being from Philly, Joe's actually a really good guy ;)

Flower Man: Chris Gropp

Chris is a very strong man! He chugs a six pack for breakfast and eats a 76-oz steak for lunch. His hobbies include riding his Harley up the mountains, chewing tobacco, and rescuing babies on the weekends. Chris has known Courtney and Sean for many years and is one of the reasons they are together! Chris is an all around great guy and we are happy he wants to be a part of our special day.

Ring Bearer: Christian Allen

Christian is Sean's youngest nephew. Despite his age, he is becoming an "old hand" at this Ring Bearer stuff (he's just so good!). Christian is quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke... wait, that's the piano man- but he is very funny and is known to play tricks on his older brothers.