Gambling Info

We want our guests to have a great time and we know that there is plenty to do, of which is what the city of Las Vegas is known for- gambling. This section is meant as a friendly guide to the world of casinos and hopefully will help you maximize your fun and minimize your losses.


We rarely ever speak in absolutes but this is one of the rare cases. To clarify, "scared money" is money that you cannot afford to lose. It's best practice to budget out how much you are willing to lose before you ever step into a casino as things can get emotional when you are inside. We don't want to see anybody facing any financial hardships because of a bad run at the tables.

Tip #2 - Have a basic understanding of the games

You are playing with your money, so you should have at least a basic idea of what you are doing with it. There are plenty of resources online that go over the basic rules, and other places that go more in depth with exact odds and percentages if you'd like to take deeper dives. Our recommendation for that is And hey, if you want to play them for the rush, by all means, but it's always good to know what the "sucker bets" that are out there.

Tip #3 - Set a "prize" up beforehand for winnings

So you're winning, GREAT! But wait, when do you stop? A tip here is before you start, have something in mind that you'd possibly want. Not something you need, but something you normally wouldn't buy or do unless you had extra cash. Set a $$ landmark in winnings on what the value of that is. If you reach it in winnings, put it in your pocket and, as Sean likes to do, "play until you lose" (you leave the next hand/spin/roll where you lose). This just helps the disappointment of being up a lot and then just giving a chunk of it right back.

Tip #4 - HAVE FUN!

Wait, shouldn't this be #1? Well when money is involved we want to make sure those things are in order first, but yes, HAVE FUN! They are games after all, and often times with a group of other people. Get to know those people, have conversations with the dealers, celebrate when you somebody wins (unless you're playing in a poker room- but I mean you still don't have to be bitter). Enjoy it- there's nothing worse than being unhappy at a table "chasing losses".